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i recently got an email from a friend asking about how to increase traffic to his blog, my response to him is what follows:

How do I get my blog more action i.e. visits?

simple answer: let people know you have one and keep them coming back by having content they want to read about.

what that means is include your blog site address in your email signature as seen below. when you write a new blog post, let people who follow you on twitter or facebook know about it. (and so you may also want to get more people to follow you on twitter and/or facebook, including people you don’t know but seem to have similar posting that on twitter or facebook they know as soon after you’ve written it and it isn’t based on when they “happen to get around to checking” your site again. and then also don’t be afraid to re-promote your blog post maybe a day or two later. in case people missed your initial tweet or facebook update.
talk about it with people in person; “yeah, i wrote about that in my blog the other day …” or “that’d be a great topic for me to write about on my blog…” or even mention it either in person, or via a slide when speaking in church or otherwise.
personally, i try to keep my blog posts to under 600 words. on occasion it’ll be longer, but i try not to make a habit of it. the reason is if i go to other people’s blogs and see a huge long blog post i don’t take the time to read it unless i really find that person or topic engaging. so i try to keep mine short.

oh and then finally, post often and choose your voice. posting often will get people who like your writing to keep coming back to check for more. (i’m not very good at the posting often part)  and by choosing your voice means to stick to a topic or theme overall for your blog. there aren’t very many blogs that are popular where the author is simply giving family updates, or other random topics. and it’s for this reason that i know my blog most likely won’t ever become hugely popular. i tend to skip around in my writing topics.

it’s the blogs that stay on one topic whether it’s tech, ministry, running, fatherhood, or (fill in the blank here) that are able to gain a following of people beyond just the people who personally know the author.

oh, one last thing. encourage dialogue between you and the readers by asking a question in your blog which they can answer in the comments, or by simply writing about interesting or controversial subjects.

i hope you like my ideas. let me know if they’ve helped you out, or if you have more questions.


abraham lara


ps. i think this entire email would be a good post for my blog, so i’m going to post it. 🙂


so blog readers, do you have any other suggestions?  oh and if you’d like to follow the person who wrote the question you can follow them on twitter (@streubel) or find them on their blog (

there you go jason, maybe a few more hits. 🙂

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