one week

it’s amazing the difference a week can make. i’ve been at my new job at efcom for a little over a week now.

so what’s so different. for one, i actually like going to work now. and if some one asked i’d even say i love my job now. for those who don’t know, efcom is an Apple Reseller and Service company in yakima. and if you’ve known me very long you know that i like computers. but not just any computers, Apple computers. so to get to come to work and help others with their computer issues or helping them make up their mind about which mac to buy is just awesome. i’ve been doing that for years already and now i get paid to do it.

and now i’m getting to learn about taking apart the machines and doing hardware repairs. and i’ll be studying to actually become “Apple Certified” on the software and perhaps later on the hardware as well.

i actually really enjoy having a commute. i’m more of an introverted type of person. that may be hard for some to believe since i do such a good job of “pretending” to be extroverted sometimes. but i truly do love being by myself. and so i like the times in the morning and afternoon to just be by myself in my car with either nothing to clutter my thinking, or as a chance to catch up on podcasts or audiobooks i’ve been meaning to listen to.

there’s another guy that works here that lives about halfway between grandview and yakima so we’ve been carpooling from his house on. one week i’ll drive and then the next he’ll drive. so it doesn’t cut my gas bill all the way in half since i still have to drive to his house, but it does help cut it down a bit.

one of the things i was looking forward to about the commute was the chance to catch up on my un-played to podcasts and i thought that commuting with someone else would interrupt that. but trenton likes listening to them as well and even asked me to bring my shuffle and car adapter with me on the weeks that he drives. so that’s cool.

but i’d have to say that the biggest change that’s happened this past week is that i can now say i’m a “family man”. now for a guy with six daughters it might sound odd to say that i wasn’t a family man before. but i now see that at best i had good intentions, and at worst only vain words.

you see before i disliked my job, i felt the need to have my “alone” time to recharge, and yet still wanted to spend time with my family. but since i hated my job and hadn’t had time to myself all day i would come home seeking time to be alone. so every-time that my girls would run to come climb on me or want to tell me all about their day i’d be annoyed because i hadn’t had my time yet. yes, it’s probably selfish but that’s how i felt.

but now i have plenty of time to myself and can fully devote myself to being with my family as soon as i walk in the door. i come home everyday excited to have the girls run out and give me a hug. i walk in the door ready to help deb and lift her load after a long day alone with the kids.

in fact the week before i started deb and i were talking about how little family time i would be getting with the girls. i leave home around 7:30a, sometimes one or two of the girls are awake but not always. so i don’t always get to say “good morning” or “good bye” to them. and then i get home around 6pm. so we have dinner, have a little time together and then put them to bed around 8 or 8:30. so i only get to see my kids for 2 or 2 1/2 hrs a day! and then time alone with deb is just maybe a 0.5-1hr beyond that.

so i now i cherish every moment i have with my family. the downside to all this is that my blog has been neglected, twitter updates are becoming fewer and farer between. and honestly i’m not sure if either will pick back up again.

maybe i just need some time getting used to my new schedule and will find a time to squeeze in blogging somewhere. but right now that’s not the case.

so until next time (when ever that may be), so long blog world. i hope to get to know you again a little better sometime. but i can’t have you come between me and my family, so i’m gonna have to say good bye.

so do you have any tips on how i can balance life, work, family, blogging, twitter, etc?

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my family
2. my kids
3. my job
4. my sister’s birthday
5. my new car tires.

PS. my personal iPhone day is only 21 days away!!!!

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