twittertools overload

so you may have noticed that i’ve started updating my blog with a daily digest of my tweets. there’s lots of life that takes place in between when i have time to write a blog post.

but, since i’m not as faithful as other bloggers to write something everyday or multiple times a day, it started to seem like my tweets were overtaking my blog.

i also had a problem that the cut off time for the daily digest seemed to be based on some other time zone. so the digest ended up being from late afternoon the previous day to the morning of the next. weird.

anyways, i just noticed that the author of the TwitterTools plugin has a new beta release version 1.5b2 that addresses some of the issues. of primary interest to me is that it now adds the ability to have weekly digests instead of daily ones.

my main reason for adding this to the blog was so that those readers who still haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and chosen to follow me would know the little things that happen in the lara family world “in between blog posts”

i’m not exactly sure how many people read my blog that aren’t following me on twitter as well. so for many of you these posts will simply be a repeat of what you’ve already read via twitter.

but this format also allows you to read all of my tweets. depending on your settings in twitter, you may not be seeing tweets that i make in reply to people whom you don’t follow. or you may not see any tweets that start with the @username reply.

anyways, i hope this weekly format will work out better; providing some “twitter updates” without overtaking the blog. i changed the settings on this plugin yesterday (thur, 9/4) so i’m not sure if the weekly updates will happen on thursdays or if they happen on saturdays, or some other day. we’ll find out together. 🙂

let me know what you think. is this just redundant, insightful, or prove to yourself why you don’t “get” twitter?


// today i’m thankful for:

1. my new job

2. this delicious burrito i had for lunch (at El Ranchero)

3. the free wi-fi here (surprisingly)

4. my outlines for seminars this weekend done

5. the insoles in my shoes

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