you gotta look at my face dad

so the twins are 5 months and 1 week old today and i can finally say with all confidence that i know which twin is which.

this is naomi:

this is naomi.jpg

i don’t know what other parents of twins do.

now with dots 1.JPGbut when they were first born i put dots on their ears with a sharpie to be able to tell them apart. one dot for sarah and two dots for naomi. (click the picture to see a bigger version) well the dots would fade and we’d have to keep reapplying them. finally we figured out that sarah has a small indentation on her left ear that naomi didn’t have.

so every time someone would ask me which baby i (or they) was holding, i would have to look closely at their left ear.

well this past week at church someone asked me an i said, “i don’t know let me look at their ear.” to which they replied in a “pretending-to-be-the-baby” voice, “you gotta look at my face dad, look at my face”

and it really got me to thinking. i can’t let my babies’ lives pass by and not know them well enough by their faces to recognize them.

so this morning i picked up one of my daughters. checked the left ear to know who i was looking at from the get go. and then i studied her face…her eyes, her ears, her mouth, her forehead, everything.

and then when i got the other child later in the morning i knew she wasn’t the one i had studied earlier.

so even though we’ve never been technically told whether sarah and naomi are identical twins or not. i.e. we’ve never had a blood test done. i’m beginning to think that they are not. so even though they’re both girls, were born from only one placenta, and in many respects look very very similar. i don’t think they’re identical. for one, the small indentation on the left ear that only one of them has, and then other features on the face. one has a shorter nose. one has rounder eyes. one has a longer forehead/face.

i love my babies, and i’m so glad i know who you are now! 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. knowing who naomi is
2. knowing who sarah is
3. my new glasses shown in the picture above. (gotten from
4. i still laugh with my wife
5. some amazing teriyaki steak bbq this afternoon.

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  1. Is it Naomi that has the longer face. I noticed that difference a while a go, but I always forget which one you told me she was, Gee abe I found differences in your kids from Ichat far away, and you look at them everyday. Eh… maybe girls are more observant. 😛

  2. to me it’s sarah that has the longer face. oh, and naomi seems to be a little darker skinned.

    and about the iChat thing. you’re looking at her face when we’re iChatting, i’m holding her so i’m seeing the top or back of her head. 🙂

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