throwing away Bibles

tattered bible tattered bible

have you ever thrown away a Bible? i have. what do you do with old Bibles?

there’s been various times in my life that we’ll be moving, or cleaning out a bookshelf, or i just got a new Bible and that question comes to mind. “what do i do with my old Bible?”

on the one hand, i completely believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. i grew up taught to respect and honor the Bible. and i can almost imagine God sending down a lightning bolt to strike at the person who would toss it into the garbage along with everything else.

but on the other hand, what makes those physical pages any more sacred or holy than any other paper. let’s say in that same publishing factory a roll of paper is used to print Bibles and then also used to print an order of children’s books. is the paper the Bibles are printed on holy, and if so is the roll of paper it came from still holy, thus making the children’s books holy too?

but i can also hear my mother saying, “you know you could give that Bible away to someone who really needs it or is unable to afford one.” and although that may be true. some one could cross our paths that is in need of a Bible and then we would have one to give them. but shouldn’t we care enough for a new believer enough to give them a “brand new” Bible of their very own, instead of our used hand-me-downs? i mean really, aren’t they worth purchasing a “starter” Bible for them. instead we try giving them something that either we didn’t feel was in good enough condition for us to use, the language was too antiquated for us to understand, or was simply forgotten for lack of use?

starter Bibles come for as cheap as $5, would be brand new, and show we care enough to invest in them.

finally, are the physical pages of a Bible really to be honored and revered? isn’t the Word of God living and active? shouldn’t it be written on our hearts? in think my point here is that if we take “honoring the Bible” too far we flirt with turning the book into an idol or sacred relic instead of the very Words of God.

just to be clear, i’m not advocating dishonoring the Bible. or tearing it up in defiance of the One who wrote it. i’m simply saying i think there are times that books get used and have served their usefulness and it’s time to throw it away, move on, and get a new one.

what do you think? do you think i’m right? do you think lightning is going to strike me at any moment?

have you ever thrown away a Bible?


// today i’m thankful for:

1. my new job

2. deb’s 30 1/2 birthday today!

3. beautiful sunsets

4. beautiful daughters

5. new seasons

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  1. I’ve never thrown away a bible, but I may need to Me and mark have developed a rather large collection. Including one that Mark’s friend gave him when he was a new Christian. This bible is old and tattered, the binding is so horrible and it doesn’t have the covers on either side. (it’s paper back) and it’s one of those bibles that has those extra books that aren’t in a regular bible. Which not that there is anything bad about those books, we just don’t use them. Anyways, I’ve never thrown a bible away.

  2. I’ve never thrown away a Bible. And we have many old ones. The cover comes off when you pick it up, pages come flying out….

    I love our old Bibles. I love the memories they hold. I can remember carting them all over the world. Our Bibles are the one thing I keep, I don’t like keeping “stuff” we don’t need, But Bibles are an exception.

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  3. I don’t tend to replace my main Bible often–in the last almost 20 years, I’ve had 2. I think of my old one as an Ebenezer of sorts, and when I look through it, and see my note, highlights, and the page that held the rusty nail from the Tijuana dump visit of ’94, I am reminded of where I was, where God’s brought me, and what I’ve learned (or in some cases, forgot). Of course for some the notes and highlighting and such is sacrilegious…so I may very well be struck by lightning.

    But to answer your concern, I don’t actually have much of an opinion on it, because I do not think it matters that much. You’ve accurately described what makes the Bible holy….

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