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well, it’s only fair that i do an interview with danielle. i can take advantage of her patience for only so long 🙂

i believe it is a job of a parent to be a student of their children. parents should study their children and be very knowledgeable about that “subject”. we must know what makes our kids tick, what excites them, what upsets them. for instance, danielle is a peacemaker; she is sensitive to the feelings of others and tries to make people happy. she is great company- she easily transitions between her sisters. nonetheless, danielle will not be pushed around. she’s not the oldest, but she still works hard to get her way. somehow she’s a peacemaker and a fighter at the same time. she is great to have on your side- if you’re the underdog, she’ll have your back. but if you’re “not in her club” life’s can be rough. (julia is ever trying to do the right stuff to be in danielle’s club). anna has even commented “why is it that sometimes we’re best friends and other times we fight?

she’s always runnin’ around and flipping upside down. we, as her parents, are constantly on her to turn right-side-up. it is fun to have a kid like danielle. i don’t know if i could handle more than one of her, though. my girls are all so different. anna is very careful about whatever she does and is quite creative and scholarly; danielle is compassionate and a people pleaser; julia is a talker (grandma rebecca tells her she has the ‘gift of communication’) and is always ready for a party; rachel is determined to get what she wants and she has ways to get others to help her- with babbling, gestures, pinching, etc. sarah and naomi are still too young to label their personalities 🙂

anyways, its fun to watch them all grow up together and interact with each other.

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  1. I totally would have guessed you were holding sarah. But you were holding her at a weird angle for me to tell. In my guesses (which are usually always right) Sarah has a rounder face than naomi.

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