shower thoughts

is it just me or does some of your best thinking also happen while in the shower or in the bathroom?

maybe it’s the fact that when you’re taking a shower there really isn’t much else that you can think about. c’mon, how much mental strain does it take to remember to “wash, scrub, rinse, repeat”?

or maybe it’s the fact that there are usually little distractions when you’re in the shower. or maybe it’s the soothing “white noise” of the running water that has a way of calming our minds to think clearly.

whatever the case is, i have some of my best ideas, thoughts, strategies, or simply remember stuff i had forgotten while i’m in the shower.

so here’s a video of the realization that i came to in the shower this morning:

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  1. My best thoughts usually come in the middle of the night. I’m usually just lying in bed thinking. Nice and quiet no interruptions other than me wanting to fall asleep, but for some reasons thoughts keep popping up.

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