there are five reasons why at the lara house we’ve been waiting for this day with anticipation for several reasons.

first of all it’s trash day and our trash has been full since last friday. last friday i trimmed the hedges around our house. we were going to have company that evening so deb wanted me to clean up all the trimmings. well that filled up our garbage bin and we’ve had to walk over to the church parking lot to throw away our everyday trash bags all week.

secondly, today Phil Wickham is giving away his latest album “Singalong” on his blog. yes, the full album is available for download. all you gotta do is go to his site, fill out your name and email and zip code. then they’ll send you a link to download the album. (warning: this does sign you up for their email newsletter, but you’re getting a free album!)

thirdly, a wedding. one of our friends from a previous church is getting married tonight. best wishes Amy & Logan! plus, deb and the kids are excited to see rhonda again since she moved to seattle. (she’s coming to the wedding)

oh, and then there’s this little event happening called the OLYMPICS. have you heard of it?

and finally this is the day that i had my appointment for the “snip, snip”. if you haven’t been reading for a while you can read my reasons for having the procedure on this previous post. you can even see deb’s thoughts on the subject in a video she posted a few weeks ago. when i had my consultation visit with the urologist deb was kinda bummed that she had to wait in the reception area with all our kids. she wanted to be there to be supportive and ask any questions that came to mind.

when i was first brought back to the waiting room they had me watch a 8-9min informational video about vasectomies. so i decided the next best thing to deb being there was for me to make a video of it.

i did do an audio recording of my actual conversation with the dr, but it’s just for deb to listen to. one quick interchange that was kinda funny:

dr: so are you married?me: yesdr: so do you have any kids?me: yes, i have 6 daughters.dr: oh my, then this appointment is long over due isn’t it.

well, that about does it for this post. let me know if you have any questions or words of encouragement.


// today i’m thankful for:

1. tylenol

2. a great urologist

3. my loving wife

4. recovery time

5. the great parade last night

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