dog pile!

so recently our girls have really become into “dog piling” on mom or dad or whoever will let themselves be on the bottom.

i love it. let me rephrase that. i love it when i’m ready to play. there are times that i’m reading, writing, or just napping on the couch and they come running and i am most certainly not ready in those cases. but when i am ready – bring it!

the girls love being able to pretend that they’re beating up dad. they love being tossed around up in the air. they love being pinned under my leg and tickled. they love trying to “save each other” from the clutches of daddy’s grip. and they love squealing! oh, man, do they love to squeal. and believe me 4 little girls (yes rachel jumps in too) giggling and squealing with delight will rival the sound of any boys of the same age.

usually these go until one of two things happen. the first is dad is so tired that he’s just laying on the ground out of breath and sweaty. and the girls are all on top claiming victory over the giant foe. or the secondly, someone has gotten hurt by bonking heads, hair accidently pulled, or just generally too many knees and elbows so close together. someone’s usually crying, running to mom for comfort, or bleeding.

and yet, i think it’s good for my girls to have this time to “get physical”. a time to know that playing hard isn’t just “for the boys”. i love all my girls and i’m glad they have a dad who’s around to play with them. in fact as i write this i’m sitting at my desk typing on my MacBook Pro with the iMac behind it with a screensaver of our girl’s pictures scrolling by. it brings a smile to my face to see my girls so little growing up and becoming the princesses that God’s called them to be but who also aren’t afraid to jump in on the “DOG PILE ON DAD!!”

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