the movies

this morning we’re in a frenzy to get everyone up and ready because we’re going to the movies! who doesn’t like going to the movies. the excitement of such a big screen, the popcorn, and a good movie. what could be better?

what’s exciting about this particular trip to the movies is the fact that it’s free. one of the movie theaters close by is doing a “family film festival” during the summer. click on the previous link to see if there’s a regal cinemas in your area doing the same thing.

basically these are family films from the past 1-3 years. they do it in the morning so as not to take screen time away from their other regular films. but they offer it as a fun activity for families to do. (plus the fact that they’re also probably making a TON of money on popcorn sales with all those families/kids)

they’ve been doing this for most of june and july. and unfortunately we’ve just been so busy with other things we haven’t gotten around to going. oh and the theater is 40min away so we gotta factor in gas money and the trouble of getting a family of 8 up, dressed and ready to go by 9am. (not an easy feat)

so this morning the choices are Alvin and the Chipmunks or Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. the girls love Alvin and have seen it like a bazillion times but still love it nonetheless. they’ve also seen Mr. Magorium, but deb and i haven’t see it so we’ll see if we can watch that. maybe we’ll put Magorium on in the van on the way there and back.


// today i’m thankful for:

1. 6 amazingly beautiful daughters

2. 1 amazingly beautiful, supportive, sexy wife

3. two vehicles that run great

4. twitter friends who help get questions answered

5. relatively good health

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  1. as fun as that would have been we decided (i mean told the kids) to watch Magorium. it was fun and the kids enjoyed it too.

    in fact made me tear up a couple times.

    and yes, the theater does make a killing on selling popcorn to all those kids/families.

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