some new styles

ok, so i’ve found a couple more styles to add to the vote.

blog txt: i like the white simple interface of this one. when i write something with just text it may seem plain, but puts emphasis where it should be on the content itself. and when i do add a pic it really stands out from the background.

10 blog txt.png

white as milk: just like the previous one but some font changes and the sidebar on the other side.

11 white as milk.png

mnml: this one’s unique. besides the obvious color contrasts to the previous two, it also has the normal “blog links”, page navigation, and other “sidebar” items on the bottom of the page. (shown in the bottom pic) and when i’m logged in the top of the page for me shows a “quick post” field (shown in top pic). of course you guys will never see that portion, but it’s a cool feature for me.

12 mnml.png

13 mnml.png

so there you go, change your vote if you’d like or reinforce the one you chose earlier.


// today i’m thankful for:

1. a light breeze to make for a cool day

2. getting better at giving the girls pony tails

3. payday tomorrow

4. watching my 21 mo. old bounce when she dances

5. deb getting new clothes

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