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so it’s been 2 weeks since i’ve written anything here (although i’ve written plenty here). and it’s been over a month since i’ve written anything that was a “thought piece” and not just a “life update”. i’m not always sure what to say when it’s been so long between posts because on one hand i feel the need to give a “life update” since so much life has happened. but on the other hand i really enjoy writing the “thought pieces” that take longer to think through to write (and read) and that cause my readers to also think and respond.

well this is life update and an abbreviated one at that. since going to seattle for a little vacation, a week of VBS at another church, camping at Cooper Lake, our church’s Festival of Booths campout, 4th of July BBQ w/church friends, summer outreach at the park (deb and i were clowns), and then finally a week at Long Beach, WA at the Lighthouse Resort (very nice) with grandma and grandpa and our cousins (the najeras).

perhaps i’ll write a longer post about each of those above later. hopefully sooner than later.

we had fun, although vacationing with so many kids is never “easy”. the drive home was about 9 hours total including snack, meal, and potty breaks. the video above shows you the last 6 minutes.

always an adventure in a family of 8, never a dull moment.


// today i’m thankful for:

1. a week at the beach

2. spending time with family

3. our new digital tv converter box

4. being able to sleep in my own bed last night

5. 4 out of 6 kids are still sleeping at the moment

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