lame post ahead

ok, so reading the title, you’ve been warned.

i took the day off of my 30 day writing challenge. (it was my first full day w/o the iPod Touch.)


the kids are finally all to bed. deb and rhonda just got back from the store. (they paid $7 for a gallon of ice cream – CRAZY!)

we’re gonna watch juno now.

WWDC is now only 10hrs 30min away. can you tell i’m excited.

we’re going to seattle on wednesday. i’m going to pick up my new-to-me Macbook Pro that i found from a guy on craigslist. and then deb had the great idea of going camping in the mountains on the way home. should be great!

well deb and rhonda are waiting for me to start the movie so gotta go.

(note to self: i need to get back on track on my 30 day writing challenge and write more “content”)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. dvd
2. the blessings of God
3. no school tomorrow!!
4. going to dinner at my sister’s tomorrow
5. the AC in our house that works

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