Caption Contest

so here’s a game you can play along with at home. there are prizes, but only if you buy them yourself.
ok, so this was the “BIG” news at school today. this happened at the elementary school across the playground from the middle school i work at.

thankfully, no one was hurt that i was aware of. and the building doesn’t have any major damage. maybe (?) the rain gutter got busted, but nothing else much.

the picture above is actually a “picture of a picture”. by the time i heard about it and went out to the playground the bus had already been removed. but another teacher took this picture and then printed it out. i asked to bring it home for lunch so i could scan it.

at school they ended up putting a copy of it on the Vice Principal’s desk. he was gone today for some meeting and they wanted to add the caption, “something always goes wrong when Jack’s not around” or “george graf (a 7th grade science teacher) SWEARS he had nothing to do with it!”

when i brought it home at lunch time julia said, “i think the bus wanted to go to school. see the mommy and daddy bus wanted him to go to school”

so since no one was hurt, have at it. what’s your best caption for this picture. leave it in the comments.

here’s my caption: some kids will do anything to start summer break 2 days early!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my girls were safe at school today
2. a double date night w/our pastors
3. enough money to pay for an MBP in cash
4. forgiveness for typos i fail to catch until the next day
5. easy returns at costco

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