Today in 350 words or less

woke up several times during the night with crying babies. finally got out of bed around 6.15 and then went for a run around 6.35.

finally out the door for work around 7.30.

1st period mariachi class, went through “la bamba” guitar exercises with “harmonia” section.

8.38a off to the buses on the “20 sticker trip” (reward for good kids at end of year). we’re going to watch Prince Caspian and then some fun at a park. the great part is that deb’s got a sitter for the 4 younger girls (thanks mag) and she’s going to meet us at the theater. even greater bonus is that i found out this morning that my vice principal paid for deb’s ticket to join us. score!! 🙂

great movie, although the kids weren’t as interested. i’d say about 25% of them had read the book.

deb leaves to go be w/the kids, we head to the park. i get to play tennis with a special needs student. lots of fun, but lots of running. they weren’t a very straight shot. 🙂 then headed back to school for half of 6th period.

after school and going to see danielle’s end of year performance. rice krispe treats, songs, and taking home lots of papers.

then anna and danielle join me to les schwab to get air pressure in tires checked and to get ingredients for dinner.
great dinner- polish sausage and hashbrown casserole dish.

wash the dishes while deb attends to babies and kids who gotta finish homework.

hang out on the computer, searching craigslist for a macbook pro in my price range, gotta wait till monday though to see what’s announced.

write this post.

now time to spend some time with deb.

good night! 🙂

PS. posted pictures online in the “gallery”, in the “2007 April – June” album. the ones from here, and a bunch more. enjoy!
// today i’m thankful for:
1. les schwab
2. spending the morning with deb
3. aunt maggie for babysitting
4. my kids are safe
5. life is good

(including the “thankful” section and title – 348 words)

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