drawing a blank

for whatever reason i’ve been completely unmotivated to write anything today. and it’s not like i don’t have anything to write about. i’ve got several topics that i’ve made my self a note to write a post about. plus the suggestions i’ve gotten from others.

it’s just that all those posts i’ve been mulling over in my mind and i kinda feel they’re gonna be long ones, and i’m frankly too tired tonight to want to have to think that much. (not to mention how many typos would occur because of my rush to write and tiredness)

so i decided to just sit down and start typing whatever came to mind. and this is it. this is what came to mind.

stimulating stuff, huh?

well, if not a “thinking” piece, then let me at least give you a little update of family happenings.

the twins: are growing so much. we don’t have the dots on them anymore and haven’t for a while now. we can pretty easily make out who’s who when they’re side by side. sometimes when we only see one or the other it’s heard to know which is which. oh, and it’s a constant theme in our house to try to find clean onesies or pajamas that don’t smell of spit up.

rachel: she loves going outside. she loves it any time of the year, but we let her go out a lot more during the summer time because she can go out barefoot and it’s warm enough. but we’re still working on making sure she stays in the yard and not on the street. (it’s been long enough ago to tell you that a man in uniform with blue and red lights made sure we were reminded of that fact.) oh and she’s “talking” much more now. we still don’t understand her, but she really looks and responds to us like she knows what she’s saying.

julia: is ever the princess. everything she does is done lavishly. and she’s the third kid and feels entitled to be waited on and helped. the older sisters aren’t so eager to help when she asks them to pick up her fork she dropped at dinner time. anna and danielle look at her like, “and what’s wrong with your hands and legs?!”

danielle: this kid is coming home practically everyday reciting some playground chant, hand clap, or game. one that she and anna were playing consisted of playing rock, paper, scissors (the best 2 out of 3). so they would face each other, play a hand, and then the winner would get to pinch the cheek of the loser. while still pinching their cheek they’d play another hand, if one person one twice they pinched both cheeks and then gave them a little slap. it’s funny watching them when they’ve each won a game and they both got each other by a cheek.

anna: loves baseball! she loves going to practice. she loves playing in the games. she even likes going to help us out at danielle’s practices. she’s also becoming so responsible. we’ve told them that they’ll each get a dollar every saturday if they can keep their room clean all week. she’s got a goal of getting a new doll at walmart for $12-15, so regardless of whether her sister’s help or not she’s started to clean the room every night without being asked! she’s already got $7 and some change saved up. i’m very proud of her.

deb: has been gearing up for the summer and having a house full of her whole family at home all day. she’s got activities that we could do, ideas about making sure the house stays clean through it all, and basically wanting to make it a memorable summer of fun for all. right now we’re also having an alphabet menu. everyday we’re eating something that starts with that day’s letter. A = avacados, apple juice, B = BBQ, etc. at the store tonight anna asked if we could make sure to get some mangos for M day. it took me a while to remember what she was talking about. my babe is so creative! i love you deb and i’m spoiled to have such a loving, thoughtful, creative wife and mother of our children.

and me: – well, i can almost count the hours left of school for me. my last day is on friday. whoever planned this summer vacation thing was one smart guy. seriously after a year of dealing with other people’s middle schoolers i need a break. and then sure enough i’m ready for another year of fun and excitement when the end of August rolls around.
– i got a call back from my brother-in-law. basically the crew he’s with isn’t hiring right now because they’re almost done with the job they’re working on, perhaps in a month or so. but he said there was another crew that was hiring a “labor guy”, but it only paid $10/hr and they sometimes worked 6 days/week and 10 hour days. where as my brother-in-law said working with him would be $15/hr, 5 days/week and only 8 hour days (w/some overtime on occasion) i talked to deb and she’s not that eager for me to gone 6 days a week for less pay, so i’ll just enjoy some free time until my brother-in-law can see if he can get me started in a month or so. or maybe i’ll try to find a different job entirely. who knows?
– i had my end of year review today. on the various categories there were more 3s and some 2s than 4s and 5s this year (on a 1-5 scale). basically the teachers i was with felt that i had a great potential to be an asset to the classroom, but felt that i lacked the motivation; and that i seemed to be bored during class. umm, true and true. hopefully this summer break will do me good, or maybe i’ll find something else that i can really enjoy doing (that can also pay the bills) and not have to go back in the fall. hmm? will have too think about that/pursue that more later.
oh, and we finally sold or old van last tuesday. we found a buyer via craigslist. she’s a single foster mom of 3 kids and about to receive another sometime in july or aug. she trusted us enough to take our word that the van ran fine, and we trusted her enough to take payments from her instead of the full amount up front. win-win we hope.

well there you have it, thus far i’ve written 1,126 words all while i was “drawing a blank” as to what to write. imagine if i actually had something to say!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. getting to watch Prince Caspian tomorrow
2. good, diverse music, i.e. the Mars Hill Music Podcast
3. hymns
4. craigslist
5. only 4 days 9 hours and 25 min till the WWDC keynote 🙂

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