life without a laptop

today is my 25th day without a laptop. although I kinda cheated since I only spent about a week without any kind of portable device.

every so often, people ask me (or I ponder to myself), “do you remember what your kids were like when they were younger?”  and often my response is, “no”. as I’ve stated before that’s why I take pictures and write so that I will remember. I often look at my kids and can only imagine at the age they currently are, as if they’ve always been that age.

technology is funny like that, too. once you get used to using some new form of it, it gets harder to imagine what your life was ever like before it.

do you remember what life was like before there were laptops?  I mean, I do vaguely remember that there was a time that I didn’t own one.

and it’s not even like we don’t have TWO other computers at home. three, if you count rhonda’s laptop. but I’ve become acutely aware of just how “used to” having a notebook I’d become.

we used it for watching movies on the coffee table (our TV is small compared to how far away from the couches it is, so it seemed just as big to have the small laptop up close on the coffee table).  I used it to record our church’s sermons for the website. I take it with me to meetings to type notes on (I’m a  faster typist than longhand writer).

I would sit on the couch, instead of my office chair, to work on various projects like my blog, the church’s website, or just reading and responding to email. when watching TV I would look up the name of “that one actor” that you know you’ve seen before but don’t remember in what other movie.

and as I mentioned before on this blog most of the writing for it was done on my laptop while at school. and so that brings me to the “I kinda cheated” part. because I know for sure that I wouldn’t have taken up my current 30 day writing challenge if I didn’t have this ultra portable little computer (the iPod Touch) in the palm of my hand.

in fact, my original intent was to just play with this iPod for a couple of weeks until I was ready to buy my next computer (after WWDC).  and then I would return it to use the money for that purchase.

but now … I kinda like it. 🙂 although I’ll still return it for a couple of reasons.

1) it’s only the 8gb. if I were to keep it I’d want one with at least double the memory, 32gb would be better.

2) it’s not that great of a music iPod. it an amazing video player and email device. it’s internet capabilities are awesome. but in terms of playing music it’s not that great. it sounds just fine, it’s just inconvenient to always have to look at that screen when skipping a song, going back, changing the volume, or even pausing or resuming playback. I can do all those things with my other ipods while they’re still in my jean’s pocket.

3) I don’t like walking around with so many things in my pocket. I’ve got my keys, wallet, cell phone, and now the iPod Touch. so I’ve been wanting, and in just a few months I’m looking forward, to get an iPhone. ever since they were announced a year and a half ago I’ve been waiting for my two year Sprint contract to expire this coming Oct so that I could switch over to AT&T (who currently is the exclusive carrier).  and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait since expected that Apple will introduce a new model with even more features in a week from now. so maybe I’ll buy it early but just not activate AT&T service with it until Oct; I’ll just use it like an iPod until then.

so that’s what life has been like for me without a laptop- pretty ok with the iPod Touch to play with.

am I going to give up having a notebook? not a chance. there’s simply so much more that I can do on a laptop, namely video iChat. (this would be increasingly more important if in fact I’m hired in construction with my brother-in-law, so I can talk/see deb and the kids everyday.)

in fact, the thought crossed my mind today to not get a macbook pro like I’ve been wanting. but instead to get two macbooks, one for me and one for deb. hmmm, I’ll have to think about that more, and obviously talk to deb about it.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. the good way your body feels after a good run
2. more new friends on twitter
3. a clean office, finally!
4. a great mexican pizza by rhonda for dinner
5. finishing this post before midnight

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