danielle’s lullaby

so deb recorded danielle singing this lullaby a couple of weeks ago. i’m not sure if she was planning on posting it on her blog or not and since i’m tired and it’s late and didn’t want to write much, so i’m posting it here tonight.

danielle, you are sooo precious! i’m so proud of you for learning how to ride your bike in just one day. i love to hear you sing and dance. i love it when you give me big squeezes around the neck. (if you’ve never had one of danielle’s neck squeeze hugs, you haven’t truly lived!)

you’re growing up so fast. you’re becoming a beautiful young lady. i love how you simply take God at his Word, so “as a matter of fact-ly”. i’m proud when you take care of your younger sisters. and my heart breaks when i see your spirit crushed or wounded.

you are so independent and self-motivated. you are such a great reader and are going to be a fabulous first grader next year. you have such a thankful heart. and i think you have a gorgeous smile.

have i mentioned how fast i think you’re growing up?

i love you, danielle. thanks for singing this song for us.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. sharing with others how to live on a budget
2. the last week of school!!!!
3. danielle’s “neck squeeze hugs”
4. new twitter followers
one week until WWDC

PS. i may be getting a summer job working with my brother-in-law working construction. he said he’d ask if they would hire me on or not. it would mean i would be working out of town during the week and only coming home on the weekends. but our plan is since i’d still be getting paid from the school during the summer that we could put ALL of this summer job towards our school loan debt. it would really help knock out a big chunk. we’ll see what happens?

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