typos, how i loathe thee

I hate typos. I hate reading them and it makes my skin crawl when I read them in my own writing. but even worse than typos is to see misspelled words, or the wrong word used when the author thought he/she knew what it meant. when I see a misspelled word it just SCREAMS out lazy to me. it says that the author was just  too plain lazy to use spell check, or even bother fixing those words with red squiggly lines most programs put under misspelled words.

I just re-read (as in when i started writing this post) one of my latest posts on the big “V” and realized how many typos there were. most of the time deb proofreads my articles before I hit the publish button. that night she was putting kids to bed during that time.

recently I’ve been writing my articles on the iPod Touch in an email that I send to myself and then I just copy and paste it into iWeb. I think I’m getting better at typing on it’s touch pad screen, but obviously I’m not perfect yet.

now I could make excuses like: the fact that the iPod doesn’t have spell check, or that the onscreen keyboard has really small keys. but the fact is I still do copy it over to a computer where those excuses are irrelevant.

I didn’t proof read it before publishing and even after deb told me that night about the typos after it was already published I failed to go back and fix them until the next day during my lunch break because I was too tired at that moment.

anyways, all this to say, if you ever find a typo in any of my writing, or a misspelled word, or the wrong word used PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I want to fix it. for that matter if you ever find some other type of mistake such as wrong facts, dates, or statistics; let me know that as well. of course, my opinions, rants, and general musings aren’t up for correction since they are simply my opinions. (we all know after-all that they are ALL right anyways)  😉

you could leave a comment to tell me, but I’d have to erase your comment after I make the corrections since it would no longer make sense. or you could call or email me. or you could use the contact form by clicking the link at the top of the page. submitting that form will send me an email with your comment, question, or info.

thanks in advance.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. family hoedowns
2. seeing my kids sing
3. and dance
4. and bang metal bowls
5. relax time with deb once the kids are in bed

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