the wonderful qualities of my sister, Elia!

so the blog readers found out a couple days ago about my self imposed 30 day writing challenge, but readers of my twitter feed found out the day I started. (are you gettin’ a theme here: i say a lot on twitter, you should try it out). when I mentioned it, I also asked for blog topics to write about.

my sister, Elia, was the only one to offer a response (and rather quickly I might add). her great idea for a post was to expound on the wonderful qualities of my youngest sister. in case you didn’t catch the irony, that would be her.

Elia is six years my younger and up until very recently she’s always been the little Jr. High kid that she was when I left for college.

growing up my other sister and I  use to think that my dad let her get away with a lot more than either of us was allowed to, because she was the baby of the family.

as I’ve mentioned before I don’t have the greatest memory in the world, so my memories of my sister from growing up aren’t many. I do remember that she used to climb on everything. and she also used to have her feet sticking up from the backside of a couch.

another vague memory I have is of a commercial we watched on Saturday mornings. it was for some kind of new board game or something; called Pizza Party. I remember Elia running around the living room with her fingers in the air singing the jingle, “party, pizza party!” over and over again.

oh, wait, this was supposed to be a tribute to her excellence and not simply a compilation of my vague memories.

as mentioned at the beginning, Elia has been a Jr. Higher in my eyes until just recently. this past august I had the privilege of officiating her wedding. and a month or so ago we found out that she and her husband are expecting their first kid in december.

it was just a few weeks ago that I started imagining what “little Elia” would be like as a mother. I began to realize, she’s growing up. little Elia’s growing up!

so what else can I say about my wonderful little sis?

she’s outgoing, fun, loves to laugh, spontaneous, and tech savvy. she loves to be with people ad she loves to cook. she’s good with numbers, though she doesn’t act like the “brainy” type at all. she uses a Mac, so you know she’s awesome!

if you’re interested, you can read more about her life on her own blog (but even she’ll admit she doesn’t write there very often).  she does write a lot more often to her twitter account: see, everybody’s using twitter.

so do you have a topic you’d like me to cover in the next month? anything’s game. leave a comment, fill out the contact form, email me, or let me know via twitter!

PS. technically this one also wasn’t posted till after midnight, because i took an allergy medicine around 4pm and then right after dinner around 6 i was so drowsy i slept until 11.30! (i only meant to take a 20min nap)
// today i’m thankful for:
1. allergy medicine
2. Northpoint Community Church podcasts (iTS link)
3. friends who hold me to a higher standard
4. only one service tomorrow
5. costco hotdogs

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