PICTURES!! (updated)

updated: added direct link to the pictures on the web

as promised here’s some pictures from the lara’s life this spring.

so technically i started writing this on the 29th and i actually wrote another blog post today that i’ll post tomorrow. but also technically this post didn’t get posted until may 30th. but since it’s my 30 day writing challenge (and my blog) i won’t beat myself up too much about not publishing something on the 29th.

no i haven’t uploaded these pics to the gallery yet, but i will, sometime in the next two weeks along with a bunch more. i’ll mention it on the blog when i do.

PS. if for whatever reason your computer doesn’t allow you to view the pictures above. here’s a link to the album of pictures online.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my digital camera
2. evening showers
3. being right about who was in the coffin since it first appeared last season!
4. my clean car & van
5. being done with this post finally

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