laralife updates 5.26.08

new to the lara household: little league, boonda’s here, and the big V is coming. (it got too late in the day and i didn’t finish writing all i wanted to about “the big V” so i’ll post that tomorrow)

Little League::
anna and danielle are both in little league this summer. unfortunately they’re in different leagues. danielle’s in T-ball and anna’s in a league called U9. (in U9 they pitch the ball to you for ages 7-9)

i’m coaching danielle’s t-ball team. so far this has been a lot of fun. ten boys and four girls on the team. we’ve had two practices and one game do far. deb’s my assistant coach. this has been fun to share this experience together and she’s been a big help with some of the more shy kids and crowd control.

unfortunately, that means that we’re both at danielle’s game on game day. the games all take place at the same park so we are able to see her game from afar, but it’d be nice to be close and cheer her on. maybe I’ll get one of my team member’s parents to coach an inning every once on a while so that either deb or I can go watch. we’ll figure something out before the end of the season.

so if anyone is close by and would like to come cheer on either of the girls our games are every tuesday  at 6pm at the country park in grandview. if you need directions give ms a call or email.

for those who don’t know, deb and i have nickname for rhonda (for those who don’t know even more, rhonda is deb’s younger sister).  we call her Boonda.  i’m not really sure where that nickname came from.  i’m sure deb would remember because she just has an incredible memory for things like that. i guess we’ll all have to pray that she leaves a comment. (i’m sure rhonda would know too, how could you NOT remember if people are calling you boonda.  maybe she’ll leave a comment to let us all in on the mystery)

anyways, rhonda’s moved in with us.  she moved in a month ago on april 26th.  rhonda’s is and has been planning on taking culinary classes at the seattle art institute starting in july.  she used to work (actually still does one day a week) at a clinic as a nurse.

so why would she essentially give up her nursing job to come move in with us?  well, she’s giving up nursing because she kinda hated grew a strong dislike for her job (she asked me to change the word “hated”, but seriously haven’t most of us all been in that situation before?)*. AND because she loves to cook and is pursuing her dreams in that direction.  we just happened to be a great excuse to quit early. 🙂

all kidding aside, soon after the twins were born she did feel compelled to come help out deb with the twins, the other kids, and the housework in general.  and she’s been a HUGE help in all those areas.  some other added benefits to having rhonda around is that deb and i get to go out together more.  i already mentioned running together (walking now), but we also go out on dates, or just go run errands together.  it’s been nice.  plus, rhonda’s just a fun sis-in-law to hang out with.  recently deb and i have been on a Monk and/or Perfect Strangers “kick” via Netfilx; great thing is rhonda likes those shows too.  so after we all get all the kids to bed we settle in for the evening with some snacks and an episode or 2 of either show above.

so why does she still work as a nurse one day a week?  well if you were in our home ALL THE TIME, you’d want a break at least one day a week too!  🙂  but the real reason (ok that was the real reason, but here’s another reason), is that she also still helps lead a jr. high girls small group from the church she used to go to in yakima on thursday nights.  so she leaves wednesday night, works thursday, has her small group thursday night, and then comes back to grandview friday mornings around noon.

unfortunately for us, she plans on leaving at the end of june to go do that “culinary school” stuff.  on the bright side though, we’ll get Vernice back 3 days a week.

well if i haven’t said it enough, “thanks boonda, for all the hard work, time, effort, care, good cooking, and love you bring to our family.  i truly appreciate the big help you’ve been to my wife during this time.  THANKS!!!!”

// today i’m thankful for:
1. root beer floats
2. 3 day weekends
3. showers
4. the internet’s working again

* it’s kinda ironic because now that she only works there once a week she enjoys it a lot more. she says because now people appreciate her a lot more since 1) they need all the help the can get and 2) because they miss her since she’s only there once a week

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