freeze (updated)

update: simply changed movie file to youtube video and changed the lorem ipsum text in the upper right to something that made sense.

not much time to write tonight. we have the cousins over for a camp out in the living room. (it got moved from the backyard because of possible rain) oh and it’s a huge 13’ octagonal tent.

anyways here’s a video (direct YouTube link: YouTube – rachel freeze) we took of something rachel did a lot when she was younger but hadn’t done in a while so we caught it on video. it would make us laugh over and over again. have NO idea where she picked it up from or why she does it (other than our prompting).

// today i’m thankful for:
1. cousin camp
2. Perfect Strangers (yes the hit 80’s sitcom)
3. blue skies
4. with grey clouds
5. a quiet house

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