You’re as old as Israel

so yesterday (5/21, yes i’m posting this late so for most of your reading it’ll be two days ago) was my mom’s 60th birthday. she was born a few days after Israel became a nation again.

I think I remember her saying once that a passage in scripture that mentions, “this generation will not pass away until these things are fulfilled” meant that those born on or around the time that the prophecy was fulfilled (5/14/1948) would still be alive when Jesus returns.

obviously there are many who were alive and remember the news of Israel’s becoming a nation that have already died. and there are even those who were born afterwards who have also died. so I’m not really sure what to think about her statements.

and although she thinks that since my dad died she doesn’t have much time left either, she’s almost 20 years younger than he. so I’m not so sure she only has 10 years of so left on this world (when she was wanting us to get a life insurance policy out on her she thoght a ten year term was enough, definitely not more than 20). i have a feeling mom that you’ll be around for quite a while. 🙂

so anyways, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and wish for you many more years…till Jesus comes!

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