running and running

a little over a week ago we received our 2008 stimulus check. we used those funds to get our new van (which I just realized I haven’t blogged about yet either).

anyways deb had mentioned that she would also like to start bike riding. so we went to two different walmarts in search of a bike that she liked and fit right to ride.

well we couldn’t find any and to my surprise she then decided that she would like to go running with me. so we got her new shoes and a cute jogging outfit.

as I’ve mentioned before my running schedule has been rather sporadic. and secretly I’ve always wished that deb would want to go running with me so that we could get and stay fit together. of course, I asked her before a couple of times but she never really showed much interest. and I didn’t want to push too much or I’d risk making her feel like she was out of shape and needing exercise as much as I do. my babe looks great, but of course she’d look even more fabulous if we were both in shape. (besides that she looks great in her new jogging outfit.)

well, our joint running schedule has also been sporadic, but I enjoy jogging a lot more. I love spending time with my best friend. I love the fact that we’re doing something healthy together, and not just unhealthy habits, like late night junk food eating while watching TV. I love the fact that over time, especially if we’re more consistent with it, we’re both going to be looking and feeling better. I also like the fact that since I’ve been running longer than deb I’m the veteran. so even when i don’t feel like running, deb usually feels like it less, and then i can be the motivator for both of us.  it motivates me to want to go running more when i can look like the the better runner. 🙂

at the moment though, we may have over done it, because her knees and lower back have been hurting.  so we’ve stopped for now.  if anyone has suggestions on what could help this let us know.  we’re gonna get some insoles for her shoes in hopes that it will help.

hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll both be looking fit and trim and sexy!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. a running partner
2. memorial day weekend!
3. not driving an SUV with gas over $4/gallon
4. indoor plumbing
5. comfy couches

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