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in my recent post about “the Waiting” season of life our family is in I discussed our application to FamilyLife Today to work on staff. in the comments a reader asked what I would do there. I was simply going to respond in the comments but then it got to be longer than i would like for a comment. and plus the fact that i figured it’d make a great post on it’s own. so here’s the answer to the question.
what would your role on staff be?

from what i’ve been told/learned my staff role would be determined probably closer to when we actually move there.  they had us take a “strengths evaluation/personality profile” test to kinda determine what we/i would be good at.

FamilyLife is a big organization (i think some 350-400 employees).  since the fundraising stage takes so long they don’t really place you anywhere since they don’t know exactly when you’ll be coming.  they’re always looking for people. you can visit their website here under “staff opportunities” at the bottom of the page (here’s a direct link: on the left side there’s a “where would i serve?” section.

basically they’re always looking for people to help with the radio broadcast production, coordinators for their Weekend to Remember conferences, website design/content, promotions, finance dept., human resources, writing their small groups material and other content, etc.

right now i could see myself working either as a writer, or a conference coordinator, or maybe graphic design or video production.  although i enjoy that last area i haven’t ever received any formal training so i don’t know the “professional’ apps that much (but i’m a quick learner).

but like i said all that would be determined later. one of the reps i talked to said that when we would be invited to a “ministry preview” (which essentially is the step right before where we are now) they would ask us where we see ourselves working, they assess what’s needed, and where they think would be a good fit for us. he said that they like it if we could see ourselves working in 3-4 different areas. because if we only see ourselves as a good fit in the finance department (or whatever else) and then we go through all the fundraising process and at that moment in time they don’t need someone in finance, then it’s kinda tough for them.

he said they’d much rather us feel comfortable in several different areas, and then when we get to about 90% of our fundraising goals then they asses what’s still needed and the department leaders get to “fight over you”. (seriously, those were his words. he was kinda joking, but apparently they’re always looking for more staff.)

so what exactly will i be doing? i don’t know, i’ll know more probably by the end of next summer or christmas ’09. we’ll keep you all posted.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. the ability to write
2. being able to walk
3. being able to talk
4. being able to use the restroom on my own
knowing where i am at all times

(all those above are related to another post i’ll be writing about at a later date)

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