who reads this??

hello, does anyone still come here? just in case there still are any readers that haven’t given up hope that I’d ever write again, this is for you!

here’s a little preview of what’s to come in this these posts. (after I got started writing I realized that this should instead be a series of posts and not one long manifesto of the last two weeks w/o a laptop.) right now i don’t have all of these written out as i write them i’ll update each of the topics below to link to the corresponding post. (the first topic is for this post, so it’s linked to wordpress’s external site)
family updates (kids baseball, boonda, & the big “V”)
another 30 days

ok so I tweeted a while ago that I was going to be w/o a laptop for a while. and that although it was possible for me to post to this blog via the backup hard drive of my old laptop , I predicted that my frequency would probably go down. and unfortunately that has come true.

as I stated, I think that has to do with the fact that I did most of my blog writing while at school on my laptop. no laptop, not much writing. this is primarily due to the fact with iWeb I can’t update my blog from any computer with an internet connection.

so that said, I’m thinking of moving my website over to WordPress.  from my understanding this would allow me to update from any internet enabled computer AND also allow me to write when offline. that second one is the main reason I moved from blogger over to iWeb in the first place. and from what I’ve seen they have some really nice themes that are also customizable.

my site name would still be www.theacoustlife.com but things would look different on your end.

this big change wouldn’t take place until after I get my new computer. and it may take a while even after that since I think I may take the time to transfer all of my old blogger posts and iWeb posts over to it. we’ll see.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. writing again
2. my best friend who challenges me
3. playing with an iPod Touch
4. summer t-ball games
5. 3 weeks of school left

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