a song, a car, a mac, and mothers

we had a busy day today. this video is actually from anna’s concert on tuesday. some cute stuff.
– – – – – – – – – –
today we both had eye appointments. and then after school we went “van shopping”. we’re anticipating out tax stimulus check tomorrow, so we thought we’d start looking today. we found a great van that we’ve taken overnight for a test drive. (but all we’ve done is drive home – so does that make it a test park-at-our-house-and-try-to-get-used-to-it?

it’s a 2001 Ford Windstar with 91K miles on it. i’ll let you know if we make a deal on it tomorrow (either here or on twitter).
– – – – – – – – – –
also happening tomorrow is that my brother-in-law would like to buy my Macbook computer for my sister, so that he can take hers. he’s been working a construction job out of town for the past couple weeks (and possibly a few more weeks), and would like to have computer to use on his evenings off and also to be able to iChat with maggie so they can see each other during the week.

so i’ll be backing up my system tonight and then reformatting in the morning. he said (w/their stimulus check arriving tomorrow) he’d pay me for the computer and then also for the white car that we replaced that he’s been wanting to buy (and that i’ve let him use for the past month). so i’ll have just a couple hundred dollars short of being able to upgrade to a Macbook Pro.

the problem is that in one month on june 9th is the beginning of the WWDC (it’s an Apple Developers Conference). although not confirmed, it’s rumored that new models of the Macbook Pro will be introduced (and possibly available for immediate sale) on that date. soooo . . . . i don’t want to turn around and buy a Macbook Pro (MBP) this weekend if in one month it will be the old model.

so as much as i hate to do it, i will be living w/o a laptop for the next month. it should be pretty interesting. i’ll still have the iMac at home, but it will be interesting not having a laptop at my side 80% of the time. (and it may extend even longer. 1- because steve jobs may just announce new MBP’s that would be available later in the year. 2- or he may not announce anything. 3- or i may need to add some of the funds i’ll be getting for the computer to put towards getting this van. in which case, i’d have to wait longer than a month to save the funds for the new MBP.)

i am looking forward to a slightly bigger screen, more powerful system, and better speakers for movie watching!
– – – – – – – – – –
also, in case you somehow have forgotten, this sunday is Mother’s Day. mother’s day is always a strange holiday for me. for one i’m not much of a holiday/celebration kinda guy. as reference read this post on my views of birthdays.

if i don’t make a big deal out of other holidays/celebrations i can say i’m avoiding “consumerism”. but if i don’t make a big deal out of Mother’s Day, i’m just considered rude, insensitive, and cheap for not caring for my mother. (oh, and mom, you’re invited to our church sunday morning. we’ll be providing breakfast in honor of all the mothers)

but then i ask myself- which mother? do i take time on mother’s day to celebrate and honor my mother, or since deb’s parents live close should i celebrate my mother-in-law, or should i pull out all the stops for deb (she is the mother of my children after-all)?
– – – – – – – – – –
well i better go to bed. i’m not sure how often i’ll update w/o a laptop. i could move the website file over to the imac. we’ll see what i end up doing. until then, i’ll catch ya on twitter.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. good stewardship
2. my girls love dancing to worship music
3. danielle growing up to be so gorgeous
4. anna loves being complimented on being responsible
5. the mother of my children.

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