this is sarah

so the twins are three weeks old now and growing by the day. people at church are especially noticing how much they’re growing from week to week that they see them.

i too have been noticing their cheeks filling in. and of course they’re keep their eyes open longer. i still have no idea who is who unless i look at their ears. because yes, we are still marking their ears with dots (one dot for sarah, two for naomi). i’m glad april fools has come and gone because one of the youth at church was mentioning how funny it would be to add more dots to all of their ears, and then we’d have not idea who was who)

it’s been interesting to see how our family is adjusting to being an EIGHT member family. even though technically danielle through sarah are all our “middle” children; we now call anna and danielle our “oldest” children, julia and rachel our our “middle” kids, and sarah and naomi the “youngest” two.

calling julia and rachel our “middle” children is what’s really driving it home for me that we have a BIG family. because just 3 weeks ago they were the youngest half of the kids. but now next to the little twins, rachel looks like such a big girl. and julia is now looking bigger too. she’s almost 4 you know (4/28/08).

anyhoo, that’s our family update. i really should take some more pictures of the twins since they’re growing and changing so quickly in these first few weeks. (i’ll let you know when i do)

in other news … i just found out from my youngest sister that she and her husband will be expecting a baby around Christmas time. anyways, good things happening in the “lara” clan. God truly is expanding our borders.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my growing babies
2. my growing kids
3. my shrinking wife
4. my sister’s good news
5. pillows

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