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so most recently deb and i have discovered a treasure trove of comedic genius in tim hawkins. we’ve watched several of his videos on youtube. the one above is especially good. be sure to check out his whole youtube channel, lots of laughs. his videos on marriage, parents, and homeschooling are especially funny.

we had seen tim hawkins on a christian comedy show called “bananas” before, but that’s all we’d seen. then deb’s sister told us to check out a music video spoof he’d done called “cletus take the reel”. so we did a search on youtube and then found all of his other videos. i didn’t find the music video all that funny. in fact i remember telling deborah, “i think this video would be a lot funnier if we knew the song that he was spoofing”. it wasn’t that hard to find out that he was spoofing “Jesus take the wheel” by Carrie Underwood. the spoof video became a little funnier after we’d seen the original, and then really funny when we put both videos into the “youtube doubler” and muted the sound on the original song.

with the “youtube doubler” you can play two youtube videos side by side (you better have a broadband connection). so you can get effects like this one of the spoof music video and the original side by side. or you can get a totally different effect like this.

and finally, i found this website that described how youtube has recently been pushing to have higher quality videos (at least pixel wise, artistically is another matter). part of that push is because of their partnership with Apple and wanting to get youtube videos on the iPhone. anyways, there’s now a way to download those higher quality videos directly from youtube, which can be played in most video players, like iTunes or Quicktime. so instead of using a conversion website or a separate application to convert the flash files you can download them directly from youtube. all it takes is placing a link in your bookmarks. you click on it and then it makes the link available in youtube.

anywhoo, pretty funny stuff, neat tricks, and useful tools all related to youtube, and as i promised not once did i mention that other site; which by the way is where i got all the links to this great stuff. 😉

// today i’m thankful for:
1. good laughs
2. an hour early off this week from after-school job because of WASL
3. sunny weather
4. running again
5. my daughter’s smiles

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