all at home, all is well

as i mentioned last night on twitter we’re all finally home under the same roof.

deb finally made it home last night around 9.15pm. she was given some anti-biotics for a sinus infection. she still has a numbing headache, but it’s tolerable now. (she isn’t screaming in pain at least)

one of the first things i noticed when she got home was how big the twins looked. since i haven’t had direct interaction with them for much longer than a day since they were born, a week is a major part of their “preemie” life. their cheeks looked fuller, they kept their eyes open longer, and overall just bigger.

my lack of sleep with the twins from last night is catching up with me right now. not sure how i’ll do going back to work tomorrow.

on a different note … rachel absolutely loves the twins. i think she realizes now that they aren’t dolls. so she’ll climb on the side rail of the crib and just look at them sleeping. she’ll climb up on the couch or bed where they’re resting to kiss them on the head. it’s really cute.

and julia loves to watch out for them by running to us and telling us the moment either one of them cries or whimpers (as if we couldn’t already hear them crying). but there comes julia, “mom, dad the baby is crying. mom, dad the baby is crying. come here, i’ll show you. mom, dad the baby is crying.”

the church has been gracious in providing meals for us this past week and for the next coming week as well. thanks to chris for “getting it right” tonight. see the picture above. sometimes getting a homemade meal is overrated.

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// today i’m thankful for:
1. everyone being home
2. deb and i being able to go on a date tonight
3. healthy kids
4. our new car (which is not the saturn i mentioned before)
5. handbrake

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