sleep, brains, and twitter (not in that order though)

so i know it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged anything of significance. partly because i’ve been so busy trying to adjust to the family dynamics of the past week. (first, being a single parent of four, and now a family of eight.) but also i think it’s because it’s just soooo easy to ‘twitter’.

in fact it’s so easy that i did set up my mom with an account and she has been updating it every once in a while. and deb also has an account and has been posting updates even after leaving the hospital.

i also came across this video/blog post describing how twitter could be used in respect to ministry. so go ahead, join in, i know you want to.
———- ———- ———-

sunday will be my last day of “spring break” before school starts up again. and i’ve been thinking today about the inevitable question everyone will be asking each other when* i go back.
“how was your spring break?”

and i think my answer will be, “it was both the best and worst spring break i’ve ever had.” i mean we just had twins, so we gotta say that a definite plus. and i’m sure in retrospect we’ll feel that way, but right now it’s a little hard to escape the fact that we’re sleep deprived and deb’s been having horrible headaches.

in fact, i think there’s only been one day this whole break that i’ve gone to bed before 1 am. today, might make it a second night. but then again who knows. to be honest though two of the nights i could have easily gone to bed early when deb was still in the hospital wit the twins i just chose to stay up late and dink around on the internet reading news, blogs, and exploring twitter.

because right now, although i’m extremely tired and want to go to bed, i’m staying up to hear back from my mother-in-law. she’s with deborah at the hospital in yakima.
———- ———- ———-

as i mentioned before, deb’s been having excruciating head pain this whole week. it comes and goes, but from what i understand even when she looks fine she says she still has a mild headache. and then there are times that she cries out in pain and looks as if she feels that her head is literally going to explode. and the medicine she’s been taking hasn’t been completely relieving the pain, only numbing it to the point where it’s tolerable. the worst part is that, besides prayer, i’m unable to really give her any practical help or relief.

so she was up in yakima for a baby show of sorts that her mom was giving for her today (sat). towards the end someone mentioned that perhaps she wasn’t experiencing migraine headaches, but an ear infection or something else. so they went to the hospital to find out if they could diagnose her a bit more.

they’ve already given her some more potent narcotics to let her sleep some. they also did a brain scan which came back “clean”, so the next step is that they were going to do a spinal tap. hopefully, the results of that will shed some light on what is causing her such pain. if that wasn’t conclusive they were possibly going to do an MRI.

all this time, i’ve been at home with anna, danielle, and rachel. julia went with deb and the twins to the baby shower. my mom drove deb up, so she’s watching the twins and deb’s sister is watching julia during all of this.
———- ———- ———-

just got off the phone with rebecca (my mother-in-law). she said the doctors still aren’t sure what’s wrong with deb, or how to fix it. and the medication they’ve given her hasn’t been as effective as they’d like it to be. so they’re going to admit her into the hospital tonight and keep trying to think of what else they can do.

needless to say, please pray for deb and our family. pray that the doctors would have wisdom to do what they can do. pray that God would heal deborah and that all pain and discomfort would leave her body. and pray for the girls during this time of extended separation from their mother. especially rachel who can’t quite fully understand what’s going on or why her mother’s not around.


PS. no, that’s not deb’s actual brain scan image, so there’s no need to try and diagnose it. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. prayer
2. doctors
3. God
4. sleep
5. family

i’m not completely sure yet if i’ll actually go back on monday or if i’ll take some more sick leave to help deb and try to get some rest myself. (after all the phone calling tonight, i’m pretty sure i won’t be returning to work on monday.)

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