april fool’s day

for those of you who happen to have the “full” url to the blog front page
(/theacousticlife/the_blog/the_blog.html) instead of just the www.theacousticlife.com part then you missed out on the video above.

happy april fool’s day! if you really would like to be “Rick Roll’d” youtube is doing it to you today when you click on any of the “featured videos”. if you happen to read this some other day besides april 1st then you can view the video and feel like part of the interwebs community. 😉

PS. you can also view the video and download it (if you wish) from the gallery. oh, and the song is “Word of Mouth” by John Reuben. (iTunes link)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. the interwebs
2. jott
3. clocks
4. people who care
5. sleeping little ones

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