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ok, for the quick “twins” update. deb and the twins are still at the hospital in yakima. the doctors would like to see them feeding better on their own and keeping their temperature up. they were going to be out of the incubator* last night to see how they do in just the open air crib. but i haven’t talked to deb yet this morning to know how they did.

but you can bet that when i do find out, i’ll tweet about it. so what is all this twitter stuff about?

i previously wrote that i had no idea what this whole “social networking” thing is. while that’s still true, twitter is in a different category all together.

the video above will give you a good start on what it’s all about. in addition, this youtube video also gives longer understanding of what twitter is, and how it can become so cool. and then i found this article about “ways to use twitter for beginners”.

i’ve also heard it compared to “micro-blogging”. in other words you don’t have to think about a lot to write about, because you can’t. instead “you just have to think of the title

i’d always been curious about twitter, but like i said didn’t really understand it until i started using it. and the reason i started using it was because the hospital in yakima didn’t have wi-fi (we are in 2008, aren’t we?!). anyways i needed wanted a means to update the status of the delivery to all the world those who really cared and wanted to know.

i knew that twitter could be set up with a mobile phone to send a text message that would update twitter. so i signed up for an account. now the more i learn about it there’s more ways to update your “tweets”, as an entry is called. you can do it on the web when logged in to your twitter account, via txt message on a mobile phone (charges may apply depending on your plan), via IM, or even other desktop applications for any platform. i use twitterific (mac only) because it looks so nice. (the free version has an ad thrown in once an hour, but i don’t mind it that much to pay $14.95 for the non-ad version.)

i even set up deb with twitter account since she’ll be in the hospital a few more days with the kids. i also set up her phone to receive any updates that i post to twitter, and my phone to receive her updates. that way i get notified even when i’m not logged in online.

once you start adding friends (or complete strangers) you’ll be notified of their “tweets” however you choose. deb’s the only one that i want to use my phone to be notified, everyone else i’m following i just get notified when i’m online. you can change the notification preferences per person.

you can send replies to other people’s tweets, that online include a link to the tweet your referring to. or you can send i direct message to a single person, so they get notified but i doesn’t show up online. you can even set your whole account to private so only those you invite to follow will see your tweets.

on twitter’s home page, where-you-should-all-go-to-sign-up-for-an-account-right-now-and-start-following-me, it says that it simply wants you to answer the question “what are you doing?” at times, like when you’re in the middle of some really big news like HAVING TWINS, this is really exciting for other people to read. at other times, “i’m having eggs for breakfast” doesn’t really excite people, and they’ll stop following you. now if you said, “i’m having the best eggs of my life at the IHOP near the mall”, then anyone else that’s following you might think it’s interesting and decide to go out for breakfast there too.

but the twitterers that i’ve found most interesting are sharing with the world, who they are at the moment, what they’re thinking, funny stuff their kids say, or they ask a question (sometimes they get an answer, sometimes not), just basically life happening right now.

so give it a try. it’s so simple to use i think i’m even going to set up my mom’s computer to use it. and she’s NOT the most tech savvy person in the world. but if i just open it up as a tab for her in firefox and she just has to type 140 characters and hit update; how simple is that!

well, that’s about all for my twitter rant. try it out, sign up, follow me, your friends, strangers.

oh, i almost forgot, i added a twitter “badge” to the front page of the site which will show my most recent tweet. you can click the arrows in the lower right of that window to get previous ones. or you can just click on my face to go directly to my twitter page. and then click the “follow” me button under my picture. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. spring break
2. breakfast delivered to us
3. being back at home with wi-fi access
4. our lifegroup for getting bedding for the nursery
5. jorge for setting up the crib

* yes, i know there’s another word for it (but i don’t remember it), and most people think of chicken eggs when they hear incubator. but it is a proper use of the term. see the definition to the right taken from The New Oxford American Dictionary.

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