thanks mom

well the twins are still at the hospital. they’re temperature isn’t staying up as much as the doctors would like. so they said they’d like to keep them at least until sunday to monitor their progress.

so, i came home with the other girls today.

a HUGE thanks to my mom who has been here cleaning and such. she was also a big help in watching the kids while i went “car shopping”.

i don’t recall if i’ve mentioned it here or not before but we’ve decided not to get a gas guzzling SUV. instead we’re gonna upgrade my beat up 1995 ford escort and then later (after president bush’s check coming in may) upgrade the van to something with dual sliding doors.

i found a 1998 Saturn SL2 for $3500 OTD (out the door). the great thing is that it only has 64,000 miles on it! so we’re heading back up to yakima tomorrow to visit deb and the kids and then also get the car. then i’ll leave the car with deb and she can come back whenever they release the twins on sunday. that way i don’t have to go back up on sunday too.

anyways … thanks mom. you’ve been a great help. especially when we’ve come home and you’ve still taken care of the kids while i’ve rested, caught up on email, and basically just been tired and wanted to “veg” out.

oh, and grandma rebecca has also been a big help. thanks for your help with the kids last night and breakfast this morning. and thanks for taking deb food at the hospital.

oh and lest i forget, i’ve uploaded some new pics to the twins gallery.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. grandmas
2. good car finds
3. sleeping in my own bed
4. test driving nice cars
5. a large family

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