Sarah Faith and Naomi Hope

well here i am at quarter till 4 in the morning. i tried sleeping but any father will know those “couches”/chairs in a hospital room aren’t the most comfortable.

anyways, here they are. for those of you who didn’t follow the twitter feed last night here’s the details.

Sarah Faith Lara (the one on the right) was born at 8.47p (PT), she weighed 5.0 pounds and was 17.5 inches long.

Naomi Hope Lara (on the left) was borne at 8.51p (PT), she weighed 4 pounds 10.9 ounces and was also 17.5 inches long.

for only being 35.5 weeks along the babies are doing really well. they both scored a 9 on the Apgar scale immediately after birth. and both are doing well and didn’t need to be in ICU.

mom is doing well and resting. i have to tell you how proud i am of her. she had excellent deliveries. baby A (later to be named sarah) was head down, but baby B (later to be named naomi) was breach and came out feet first. thank you so much to all of you who were praying for an easy delivery because deb basically gave one good push for each of them and they came right out.

you may notice on the last picture that i put dots on their right ears in order to keep them apart. sarah has one dot since she came out first and naomi has two dots. 🙂

Praise the Lord!

well i’m gonna go to bed. in addition to the YouTube video above you can view more pictures in the gallery or download them if you wish.

i’m sure there will be lots more pictures in the days/weeks to come.
it’s now 2.11pm on thursday and i’m back home to be able to post all this. oh and there’s also a “pre-labor” video on deb’s blog.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. Deborah
2. Sarah Faith
3. Naomi Hope
4. Twitter
5. an easy delivery

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