it’s time!

over the weekend our family dr., whom deb had been seeing, transferred her over to another dr. in yakima who is more experienced in delivering twins.

we had our first consult visit this morning. deb had been dilated at 3cm yesterday and had progressed to 4cm. so dr. smeige (sp?) decided to ask us to stick around yakima and walk around and then have us checked again this afternoon.

so we’ve been admitted to the hospital. the dr. is going to break her water, and we’ll get things moving pretty soon.

unfortunately this hospital (memorial in yakima) isn’t as “modern” as sunnyside community hospital because there’s no wifi internet access. in fact i had to go outside and walk down the street a bit to upload this post.

i did open a twitter account and you can follow updates that i place via text messages on my phone at that site. if you sign up for an account you can also respond to them and i think i’ll be able to get them as text messages on my phone.

i’ll write a full post and post pictures of cute babies(!!!!) as soon as i can tomorrow sometime.

thanks for your prayers!

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