let’s think about it in april

this has been my constant mantra for the last few months whenever deb brings up topics about the babies. whether it’s baby names, getting the nursery ready, buying diapers, or baby clothes my answer has always been, “let’s think about it in april”.

deb’s official due date isn’t really sure. we’ve been told april 28th, 30th, may 2nd, or may 6th! needless to say, in general the end of april. and given the fact that most twins come around 2 weeks early, we’ve been thinking that they’d come mid-april.

my reasoning for not wanting to talk about any of the issues mentioned above until april is that i didn’t think that there’s any reason to worry about it until the time is closer. and so i ever the procrastinator that i am, i haven’t really given much thought.

from deb’s perspective this had driven her NUTS! especially the “have you been thinking of any names?” question. she gets asked this every time we’re out in public and she keeps responding, “not really, abe doesn’t want to think about it until april.”

my reasons on this one particularly is that i don’t want to get my heart (or others) set on a name when in fact it may change closer to delivery or even after delivery*. i also don’t want people to give me their opinions about a particular name, either positive or negative (mostly negative), that i’ve set my mind/heart on. and finally because in the awful event that the baby weren’t to make it to delivery i’d rather have them simply be “baby lara” then use a name that i/we may want to name a future child.**

so anyways, we don’t have any names picked out, we’re supposed to be getting another crib from someone to add to the one we’ve got, but that hasn’t been a priority for me to get, and we don’t even have newborn diapers yet.

over the last week or so deb’s been starting to have more discomfort and “braxton hicks” contractions. last night we were watching a movie – “Rookie of the Year” and she started having them more frequently. i used our little stopwatch on the now ipod nano to time them. for about an hour they were 4-5 minutes apart lasting from 40 sec. – 1 min. we called the hospital and they said she should probably come in to be looked at.

but we hate having “false alarms” so i told deb to lie down for a while after the kids were in bed to see if they continued once she was lying down and relaxing. well they didn’t; they got further apart. but she was uncomfortable all night and felt like the babies were moving around more than usual.

so she was going to call her doctor to day, get her advice. our family doctor told her last friday that she was referring her to another doctor in yakima. (so we wouldn’t have even known which hospital to take her to last night if we did go in) anyways she’s thinking things may happen sooner than later and we may never get to april. 🙂

i’m still at work today. she said she’d call me if she needed to go to yakima to meet with the other doctor. we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. Easter was great.
2. good cinnamon rolls
3. great bbq
4. monk
5. being able to print addresses directly on envelopes

* for rachel we went to the hospital thinking her name was something else entirely. i think it was going to be “Mercy Elizabeth” and we came out with “Rachel Joy”. that was completely different, doesn’t even sound the same, and we hadn’t even mentioned it at all before going to the hospital. her name didn’t come to me until after she was born.
** that last one especially may seem morbid or selfish or insensitive; but nonetheless it’s how i feel.

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