It’s gonna be a great Easter

all i can say is that i can tell it’s going to be a great easter based on the type of week we’ve had.

for those readers who don’t believe in or understand spiritual warfare this post may not make much sense. for the rest of you you’ll completely understand.

for a pastor, Easter is like the Superbowl. Easter and the sunday before Christmas are the two highest attended services of the year. people are more inclined to invite others because “others” are more inclined to say yes. i, personally, have invited some co-workers from school. and everyone is excited to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and get’s all dressed up. it’s a big deal. so it’s really important that everything goes right and we double check and evaluate everything to make sure that everything is done with a purpose.

but this past week, we’ve had “one of those” weeks.

deb had an ultrasound this past week and we found out the twins are growing nicely. they’re each a little over 5 lbs. so basically deb’s carrying an 11 lb baby! needless to say this week especially she’s been uncomfortable no matter what position she sits or lays down. i wish there was something i could do for her to help her sleep better. it’s painful to just watch her try to roll over in bed.

for some reason anna got sick after school yesterday. she thinks it may be due to the breakfast sandwich she had at school. it had pork in it and we don’t ever eat pork at home; so that may be the culprit. she threw up around 5pm on our way to grandma’s house. she didn’t eat much dinner while there. and then she threw up again while we were there and then just before bed too. thankfully, danielle who ate the same breakfast wasn’t feeling sick at all. hopefully, anna won’t still be sick tomorrow on Easter.

more specifically though there’s two other things going on in our lives that truly are spiritual battles. unfortunately for you guys i’m unable to talk in-depth about either one of them*.

one is an issue at church that as a pastor i must keep confidentiality about. all i can say is that i need to continually remind myself of Eph. 6 that talks about our battle not being “with flesh and blood”; so people aren’t the problem.

the other issue is a personal one. and like i said i’m not able to talk about it just yet. this one is actually something positive in our lives but we feel a spiritual battle that is wanting to prevent us from continuing in this direction.

at first we didn’t notice, or identify, the things in our lives as spiritual warfare. deb and i were more easily agitated with each other. we had mis-communication problems. we just weren’t “in sync” as we usually are.

once we identified all the things happening in our lives as possibly being spiritual warfare it was easier for me at least to slow down, calm down and face the “real” problem in prayer.

all this to say, if there’s this much hinderance leading up to Easter weekend or to the “other” issue that we have; then i know that God is leading us in the right direction. there’s more at stake this sunday than just for the church to look pretty or the service to run smoothly. it’s all about connecting people’s need for a God with the God who longs to connect with people.

so keep us in prayer not only this weekend but in the next several weeks as well. (the two “confidential” issues won’t be resolved/finalized on Easter sunday)

thanks in advance!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. Easter Sunday
2. good photography
3. the portability of my macbook
4. large families
5. the center of God’s will

* i know this “not able to talk about it” stuff is really gonna drive some of you nuts (maggie) but that’s the case nonetheless. if and/or when i’m able to talk about either one of them i’ll be sure to talk about it. honestly, if i’m not afraid to talk about my sex life on the blog then i’m not keeping something from the blog because i’m ashamed of it. it truly is because i’m not able to talk about it just yet. and yes, mom i do keep some things confidential.

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