broadening my online horizons

so i have a “set” of websites/rss feeds that i visit daily. in fact i’ve written a little script on my computer to automatically open up my browser and then open all my “favorite” sites in multiple tabs at 6.33 AM every morning so that they’re already loaded up and ready to go when i’m ready.

but every once in a while i get bored with those sites. either there’s nothing new posted, or what is posted doesn’t interest me.

knowing that the internet is so vast and has information on every possible subject in a bazillion different languages, i’d like to know what are your interests? what do you visit on a daily or at least weekly basis?

of course i’m sure will be at the top of everyone’s list. right? 🙂

in case you’re curious here’s my list of tabs:
theacousticlife – mostly to see if there’s any new comments
thepensiveprincess – sometimes deb posts a video while i’m at work
sleepyeyed – my sister’s blog
sarah’s dandelions – great blog about mom “happenings” from a good friend
The Borowitz Report – fun “fake” news article almost every day
MacDailyNews – round up of other mac news sites
Macworld – mac print/online magazine
RELEVANT MAGAZINE – God, Life, & Progressive Culture (i mainly read the news slices on the right side of the page, but the articles are good too. and their podcast is absolutely hilarious!)
Daring Fireball – mac/design/stuff blog
Google News – news aggregator
Infinite Loop – yet another mac news site
The Joy of Tech comic… laughter is the best tech support. – just for fun
StatCounter – my site stats (i gotta know who’s coming and how often to the site.)
blog feeds – and rss feed of several blogs (if you use safari you can click on the link to also subscribe to the same blogs)
mac feeds – same as above except for various news sites

so yes some of my blogs i visit every day also are included in the blog feeds or mac feeds page but i like to see them in their correct design layout on their respective websites.

so what do you visit and why?

while we’re on the subject of online habits; how often do you get online?
multiple times daily
once a day
several times a week
less than 3 times a week
only a couple times a month
i don’t get online at all (someone printed this out and gave it to me to read.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. fresh air
2. sunshine
3. clouds
4. strawberry jam
5. great ideas

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