do you like your job?

the spring session of 21st Century has begun. it’s an after school program designed to help students learn the various “core” subjects but in a different environment.

anyways, i’ve been working with it for the past 3 weeks or so. and this past week some ladies who kinda oversee the program for a bunch of schools in our area came in to observe.

to make a long story short at the end of the program one of the ladies pulled me aside to ask me to do somethings differently. i was being corrected. i’m sure we’ve all had those times when our superiors at work or elsewhere have called us aside to give us correction. and we’ve also dreaded those times.

in any case i was impressed with how well she handled confronting me. she started out by asking me, “do you like your job with 21st Century?” she then went on to explain what she would like me to do differently and how it would make it more enjoyable for the students. and then closed the conversation by saying they (the people in charge) really would like to make 21st Century an enjoyable place for both the staff and the students.

i didn’t feel belittled or condemned. she showed how it was in everyone’s best interest (including mine) if i followed her advice. and she treated me respectfully.

but what stuck with me most from the conversation was her first question, “do you like you job?” not knowing if i replied anything less then “i love it” would get me fired on the spot; i was hesitant to respond honestly. i responded “sometimes. sometimes i really enjoy it and other times i’m kinda bored.” that is true, both parts.

i thought about that phrase some more and got to thinking that most people fall into three categories when it comes to their job. either they love it, they hate it or their indifferent. i think a vast majority of people fall into that third category. they don’t really hate it, but it’s not what they wished for when they were in elementary school. and they don’t really foresee themselves doing that thing for the rest of their lives. but the fact is that many of them will if they don’t realize that another job isn’t just going to “float” into their lives; they’re going to have to seek it out, learn new skills, get a plan, and change. these are the people that when asked would say they like their job.

the part they like is PAYDAY! sure their might be somethings that they don’t mind, or maybe even find enjoyable, but what’s really keeping them their is PAYDAY. otherwise they would have responded that they love their job.

and people who love their job, those who find purpose and fulfillment, don’t really care about what the pay is. of course they have to take it into consideration, especially if they have a family. they have to provide for their needs. but people who love a job will sacrifice comfort or other pleasures to be able to do it. in fact they may even take a second or third job that they like in order to pay bills so they can do the job they love. or some, like missionaries, will even go through the long process of fundraising for their support in order to do something they love.

and yes, i like my job with 21st Century. there are some things that i truly enjoy, but mostly i enjoy PAYDAY.

so what do you think? in your experience when you hear others respond to the question, “do you like your job?” and they say yes, do they really mean, “i like PAYDAY at my job.”

has this been the case in your own jobs? (past or present)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. a weekend without kids (they’ll be at grandma’s house)
2. the time i’ll have with deb
3. being able to sleep in tomorrow
4. pi day (π – 3.14)
5. making students laugh with the comic above

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