a glass of water in jesus’s name

so things have warmed up in these parts, so i’ve been trying to start exercising more often now.

anyhow i was so touched the other day when i came home to see this waiting for me. she had a cup of cold water waiting for me on the kitchen table with the note above, “For Dad, ♥ Anna”.

what was really awesome was that she wasn’t even sitting by the note waiting for me to notice it and then give her praise. she was busy in some other room doing whatever.

i had to come seek her out to give her the praise she deserved. it was so sweet. she simply wanted to serve me.

it reminded me of a professor in college who talked about serving other’s in Jesus’s name. he said that no one ever has completely altruistic motives when serving. he would say that even if he were to give someone a cup of cold water in Jesus’s name that he couldn’t help but stick his thumb in it.

i guess completely altruistic motives would have meant that there wouldn’t have been a note next to the cup of water. but anna’s got a little thumb and didn’t ask for too much fanfare.

thanks anna. i love you, sweetie.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. small surprises
2. a good night’s sleep
3. dried cranberries
4. the success of friends
5. when blogs are updated

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