my babe is gynormous

first of all let me say, “i love you babe.” and to any regular reader of this blog you know that already and i don’t have to explain that i’m not making fun of my wife.

but seriously, she’s huge! we kinda guessed that would be the case this time around because it’s twins. but i didn’t realize what that would actually look like. (no, we haven’t been diligent about taking pictures everyday of her tummy like those other youtube videos.) and because i love my wife i won’t put any pictures of her gynormous belly on here unless she gives the okay. (she probably won’t be unless there’s a deluge of feedback demanding it) 😉

the above cartoon is from this collection that has a different cartoon for every week of pregnancy. some of my favorites are week 2, 7, 16, 17 (in light of our current challenge), 23 (that would be me), 28, 30, 32, & 34.

so anyways, my evenings have been spent trying to give deb back massages without making her too uncomfortable; springing up from the couch to get the phone or anything else even if i don’t want to but because i can; and trying to set up couch cushions in a formation so that deb can sleep on her chest yet have an empty space for her tummy to not be squished.

i love you babe. only 4-8 weeks left; another 10-20 lbs(?), and another 5-10 inches(?). we’re gonna make it babe! you’re gonna make it!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. being so thin 😉
2. happy leap day
3. it’s also pay day
4. warmer weather in these parts (mid 50’s F this week)
5. being there for my wife

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