music from my adolescence (updated)

update: i simply changed the video source from godtube to youtube. for some reason the godtube video code all of a sudden was pointing to a different video

here’s some more cool stuff from the “interwebs”. 🙂

i remember when this song first came out. i think i first heard it at a “christian skate night”. and i might have even won the cd there. either that or i had just gotten the cd and was excited to here it at the skate night.

in any case, i thought what these kids were doing was pretty cool. and extra cool since the song brought back so many memories.

to top it all off the fact that these kids are from an Assembly of God church performing at a Fine Arts Festival just makes them WAY cool.

for those of you who didn’t grow up going to christian skate nights in the early ‘90s, or who don’t recognize it otherwise, you can hear the original or the remix on iTunes. enjoy.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. old memories
2. left over chocolate cake (from danielle’s birthday)
3. new 5mb internet speed
4. leap year tomorrow!
5. secrets and surprises

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