foam letter love

i’ve been thinking about writing this post for the longest time. let me tell you the story.

deb and i exchange messages in the shower using the kid’s foam letters. i think we use them more than they do. we have one of each letter in the alphabet and then the numbers 0-9.

so it takes creativity to not only think of something to say, but also to try to spell it at least phonetically. sometimes we flip the 6 and 9 around to be an “e” or “p” or “d” or “a” or even “g”. we use a backwards 3 as an “e”. sometimes we have to get very creative. so because of this we don’t change the message everyday (although sometimes we do); usually one of us will change it every few days. (that’s why i’ve been thinking about this post for so long, i only took pictures with my cell phone every couple of weeks when i thought it was a good message. sometimes i missed some good ones because i didn’t have my cell phone with me)

sometimes they’re notes of love, apology, or just fun quirkiness. it’s our “foam letter love”.

and they take all forms. sometimes it’s just simple messages. sometimes they form a crossword. sometimes we put a bunch of letters together and the message is hidden “word find style”. other times we just make pictures or a combination of all of the above.

see how many of messages/words you can read above. leave your guesses in the comments. some of them are easy, others not-so-much.

if not all of them are guessed correctly i’ll make a follow up post or just post the answers in the comments in a few days.

enjoy! and maybe go out and buy yourself a set of foam letters.

PS. in case you’re wondering the song is “Blush (Only You)” by Plumb on their Chaotic Resolve album. you can get it on iTunes by clicking the link above.

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