a fight developing

here’s a video that we caught of rachel and julia fighting. usually we just hear the screams when the fight is already in progress. here we get the rare glimpse of seeing it develop as well.

so for those of you who didn’t see deb’s birthday video, i explained how sometimes i chat with deb from my computer at school. the thing is that technically our school blocks IM applications. but deb and i get around this minor technicality by using a feature of Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5).

it has a “screen sharing” feature where by i can view the screen of the iMac on my laptop and control the screen too. so i just open up her screen, we open a simple text document, and then we take turns typing.

anyways . . . sometimes deb will need to go do something so she opens up a movie recording window to let me see julia and sometimes rachel while i’m at work. and julia loves to talk so much (and she knows that i’m watching – even though i can’t hear them) that she fills up most of the time.

anyways, enjoy the video. the full video was about 15 minutes, but this part shows some of julia entertaining herself and then the fight. it made us laugh, i think you’ll agree. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. foam letter love
2. fights resolved
3. going strong after week 1 of the challenge 🙂
4. easy subbing days
5. screen sharing

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