our big 6 year old

it’s danielle’s 6th birthday today. happy birthday baby!

danielle i loved getting to know you better this past year on our trip to mexico. i love your delightful squeal of a laugh when you play “jokes” on people (me included). i love that you learned how to read so well this past year. and that you now love reading. i love the faces you make for all of your various emotions. i love getting your famous neck hugs. i love hugging and holding you when you get hurt. i love your tender heart. i love your concern and care for your little sisters.

thanks for making me laugh with you, making me listen to you, making me love you.

i love you danielle. happy birthday.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. danielle’s laugh
2. danielle’s jokes
3. danielle’s love
4. danielle’s care
5. danielle

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