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remember that blog title suggestion about the “topics you’re not supposed to talk about”? well it’s been a while since i talked about sex.

i saw this news article recently about a church in florida.  in summation, this past sunday (2/17/08) the pastor encouraged all married couples to have sex everyday for 30 days, and for non married couples to abstain from it for the same time period.  there’s a devotional/discussion guide for both married and singles that goes along with it; as well as a emotional needs questionnaire.  read the article for more of the reasons behind the “30 day sex challenge”.  you can also go to the church’s website and blog for more information.

i emailed our church leadership to suggest we also promote this at our church. since this year we are reading/preaching through the Bible from beginning to end i figured it would be a great thing to do when we get to Song of Solomon. i said it would “bring Scripture to life”.

obviously most married guys would think this is a FABULOUS idea. and if they don’t then they have some really serious marriage problems. (i’ve only received 3 responses as of this writing since i sent out the email 1 from a guy and 2 from ladies) i was surprised though to hear that the female members of the leadership team that have taken the time to respond have also been positive and in favor of the idea.

if you read the comments related to the news article the responses vary. i would guess most of the people aren’t church goers. some are ready to start going to THAT church or switch churches. others are sickened by it and think it’s just an idea by a “sex-crazed” pastor trying to justify his perversion.

i think what most of those commenters miss is the fact that it isn’t just a physical challenge but also an emotional and spiritual one. i think what makes this idea truly about strengthening marriages is the emotional needs questionnaire and the discussion guide. i haven’t read through each day but i read some of them throughout the 30 day guide. and for those who aren’t married i believe the challenge to abstain from sex and work through the discussion guide will greatly benefit their relationship as well.

so what do you think? if you’re married, will you and your spouse be joining “the challenge”? if you’re single (anyone who is not married), do you think you could make it through “the challenge”?

well, needless to say, this sounds like a good idea to me. i’ll let deb speak for herself either in the comments section or on her own blog. (if she does reply on her blog i’ll update this post with a link to it)

so are you up for the challenge? the only other thing i wonder is how come the pastor didn’t set it up like most monumental events in the Bible and make it a 40-day challenge? 😉

// today i’m thankful for:
1. Family Life Today’s “Weekend to Remember” Conference (we have been blessed with a paid registration for this weekend’s conference in our area.
2. the 30-day sex challenge
3. getting to know my daughters every day
4. rachel’s smiling face that greets me when i come home for lunch
5. julia singing the ABC’s

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