PSA – goog 411

here’s a little public service announcement about a nifty service that i’ve been making frequent use of lately. it’s called GOOG-411.

most of us have been out and about and needed to know the phone # of a business or restaurant. most of us probably also already have a directory service available to us through our cell phone company. but if your cell company is anything like mine they charge you for each call that you make to use the service.

so our good friends at google have started this free service that does the same thing. all you gotta do is dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (800-466-4411), tell them the city and state you’re in, and then the business name or type of business. they’ll not only find the top results for you but if you’d like also connect the call for you. so yes, this does use up your minutes, but i never go over my minutes. and i’m primarily wanting to avoid the 411 service fee from my cell company. i’ve programed it as a speed dial into my phone so it makes it even easier to access.

i’ve used it quite a bit and it’s pretty spot on. it only works for business numbers so you can’t stalk that “special someone” you met at the store the other day. but hopefully this can help you out and save you a couple bucks a month.

i haven’t had to use any of the other features mentioned in the video (texting and mapping) but i’m sure they work as stated. perhaps when i get my iPhone at the end of this year i’ll use the mapping feature.

before finding out about this i used to call someone that i knew had internet access, hope they were home, and then ask them to look up the # for me. so if you were ever the recipient of one of these calls, i won’t be calling any time soon. unless i need the number to that person at church who i haven’t programed into my phone yet. 🙂

(a few weeks after i started using GOOG-411 i was told via email about 1-800-FREE411 which does the same thing. but i haven’t used that service so i don’t know if it’s any different, has more options, or is more or less reliable. i just kept using google’s service since i already had it programed into the phone.)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. 800-GOOG-411
2. our new freezer
3. the girl’s new bunkbeds
4. and new mattresses
5. my sister-in-law (hi boonda!)

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