funny kids on youtube (updated)

update: simply changed the layout a bit to accommodate the youtube video a little better.

i think this could be a reoccurring feature. seriously, have you ever been over on youtube and searched for funny kid videos? you could waste hours!

after seeing this funny video about a kid named “charlie” (pronounced in a british accent by a 3 year old). i later found the one shown below. i particularly liked this one because i think this kid looks like me when i was his age. enjoy!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. kids

2. four day weekends (our school district gives fri. & mon. for president’s day.

3. tax refunds (we got ours today – not very much, but at least we didn’t owe)

4. deb’s early birthday gift from her mom (deb’s b-day is the 22nd – she got $$)

5. anna’s reading score (she was given a reading assessment test this past week at school and her reading level is 3.2-4.9. that means her “zone reading” is from 3rd grade 2nd month to 4th grade 9th month; that’s almost 5th grade since there are 9 months in a school year. we knew her reading was above the rest of her class, but we didn’t know it was THAT far ahead.) WAY TO GO ANNA!

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